Funds Nominated for 2014 Nordic Hedge Award

Stockholm (HedgeNordic) – Calculations have been completed for determining the short list of nominated funds for the 2014 Nordic Hedge Award.

The data determining the short list was drawn from the NHX database within in the defined universe, normalized and weighted. The model for these calculations was co-developed by HedgeNordic and a PhD student assigned to the project by Stockholm School of Economics, HHS. The combined data was translated to a point-score system.

Funds disregarded in the calculations typically did not meet at lest one of these criteria:

  • Minimum AuM USD 25 Million
  • Trackrecord of at least 18 months by Dec 31 2014

Criteria used for determining short list:

  • Absolute Performance 2014
  • Performance 2014 Relative to relevant NHX sub-index
  • Sharpe Ratio 2014
  • Sharpe Ratio 5 yrs
  • Annualised, long term performance
  • Number of positive months 2014

A professional Jury will determine the winners and runners up. For a detailed description on the juries role and members please visit: Jury.  A more detailed description of the scoring procedure can be viewed here: Procedure

The final event and announcement of winners will take place in Stockholm on April 22nd 2015.

    “SHORTLIST “         

Funds displayed in random order


Best Nordic Equity Hedge Fund 2014

  • Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S IC1 (SWE)
  • Taiga Fund (NOR)
  • Sector Sigma Nordic Fund (NOR)
  • Cicero Focus (SWE)
  • Carnegie World Wide L/S (DK)

Best Nordic Fixed Income HF 2014

  • Nykredit KOBRA Hedge Fund (DK)
  • Asgard Fixed Income Fund  (DK)
  • Midgard Fixed Income Fund (DK)
  • Danske Invest Hedge Fixed Income (DK)
  • Danske Invest FI Relative Value (DK)

Best Nordic Multi Strat Hedge Fund 2014

  • Carve 2 (SWE)
  • Catella Hedgefond
  • Formuepleje Penta (DK)
  • VISIO Allocator Fund (FIN)
  • Asymmetric Global Macro (NOR)
  • Atlant Stability (SWE)

Best Nordic Managed Futures Fund 2014

  • SEB Asset Selection Opportunistic (SWE)
  • Lynx (Sweden) (SWE)
  • RPM Evolving CTA  (SWE)
  • IPM Systematic Macro  (SWE)
  • Coeli Spektrum (SWE)

Best Nordic Fund of Hedge Funds 2014

  • Merrant Alpha Select SEK (SWE)
  • Graal Total (SWE)
  • OPM Vega Nordic Hedge (SWE)
  • FIM Orient Alpha (FIN)
  • Ekvator Absolut (SWE)

Best Nordic Hedge Fund 2014 (over all)

  • Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S IC1 (SWE)
  • Lynx (Sweden) (SWE)
  • Taiga Fund (NOR)
  • Asgard Fixed Income Fund (DK)
  • Sector Sigma Nordic Fund (NOR)
  • SEB Asset Selection Opportunistic (SWE)


Funds displayed in random order


A complete list in .pdf format for nominated funds can be accessed here: 2014 Nominations

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