Special Report: Finding Alpha in Equity Strategies


Stockholm (HedgeNordic) – While there is some deviation in the numbers of different researchers and publications, Barron’s, for instance, claims that 82 percent of fund managers fell short of their S&P 500 benchmark over the past 10 years, with 87 percent failing over 15 years. Similarly, 74 percent did not match up to the S&P Midcap 400, while 75 percent also underperformed the S&P Small Cap 600 during the ten-year period ending June 2020.

Averages, of course, do not tell the full story and there are those strategies and managers that do succeed in finding their way through the maze and succeed in delivering alpha to their investors. Many of these, we are pleased to highlight, we find in the Nordics.

In this issue of HedgeNordic’s special report on “Finding Alpha in Equity Markets,” we will be looking at “Alecta’s Hunger for Private Businesses,” where portfolio manager Marcus Lüttgen lets us in on the Swedish pension provider’s views on private equity. We will also hear why “Japan is getting into the Zen Zone” from Sector’s Trond Hermansen and highflyer Accendo Capital insists that “A Good Reputation is Worth Real Money.”

Norwegian Taiga Fund describes how “Ordinary is the New Elixir” in the search for stocks and Nina Hammerstad, CEO of newly set-up REQ Capital describes the interesting approach of “Investing in Culture.

Market timing is something I always considered one of the most challenging parts of investing in equities. Coeli’s Mikael Petterson then tells how “Timing it Right” can really play into your hands and Janne Kujala describes how “Unicorns Roam in the North.

Three Nordic equity long/short managers argue the case for “Small Managers, Big Alpha” and Danielius Kolisovas shares some of his research on the Nordic Hedge Index, where he believes to have found “Unusual Crisis Performance In the Face of COVID-19.”

In an editorial, Eugeniu Guzun takes Nordic equity managers to the ring for the epic battle of “Fundies vs Quants” and Finnish alternative investment manager AIM Capital explains their approach to allocating to investing to equity hedge funds as “Long/Short Equity Managers Wear Multiple Hats” before we round off the report by “Demystifying Short Selling.

We do hope this publication gives you good insight into the (Nordic) landscape of managers and strategies that can successfully find their way.

You can access the full publication here: Finding Alpha in Equities



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Kamran Ghalitschi
Kamran Ghalitschi
Kamran has been working in the financial industry since 1994 and has specialized on client relations and marketing. Having worked with retail clients in asset management and brokerage the first ten years of his career for major European banks, he joined a CTA / Managed Futures fund with 1,5 Billion USD under management where he was responsible for sales, client relations and operations in the BeNeLux and Nordic countries. Kamran joined a multi-family office managing their own fund of hedgefunds with 400 million USD AuM in 2009. Kamran has worked and lived in Vienna, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Stockholm. Born in 1974, Kamran today again lives in Vienna, Austria.

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