UBS launches Nobel Perspectives

UBS announced today the launch of ‘Nobel Perspectives’, a digital platform that will feature around 40 filmed interviews with Nobel Laureates in Economics. Partnering with German broadcasters Frank and Thomas Elstner, UBS are supporting the continuation of a project that Frank first began back in 1985, to document the life and work of Nobel Laureates. The online archive, will host both newly commissioned and newly edited interview footage and material. The interviews will be published over the next 2 years.

Among others, the featured Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences will include: Kenneth J. Arrow, James M. Buchanan Jr., Gérard Debreu, Lawrence R. Klein, Finn Kydland, Wassily Leontief, Sir Arthur Lewis, James E. Meade, Merton H. Miller, Christopher Pissarides, Alvin E. Roth, Paul A. Samuelson, Theodore W. Schultz, William F. Sharpe, Herbert A. Simon and Robert M. Solow.
The first profile, published today, explores the work of the game theorist Alvin E. Roth. Over the coming weeks and months, further interviews and material will be added to the site along with accompanying commentary and analysis from ‘Undercover Economist’ Tim Harford and UBS’s own Global Economist, Paul Donovan.

Frank Elstner said: “Having interviewed Nobel Laureates since the 1980s, I realise how much these extraordinary people have in common: infinite patience, great curiosity, reliable determination and most of all modesty. They are not only progressive thinkers but also role models for a life in a tolerant society. I am happy that we found UBS as our partner guaranteeing a long future for this project.”

Hubertus Kuelps, Group Head of Communications & Branding said: “The work of these thought leaders has provided answers to many of the big questions in economics. They are the heroes of the economic world that UBS is part of and have materially shaped business and culture through their research. We’re excited about providing a platform showcasing both the Nobel Laureates and their achievements.”


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