New CEO of Shepherd Energy

Lina Petrell Sima has been appointed new Chief Executive Officer of Shepherd Energy AB, she took up the position the 20th of December.

Lina has previously worked within Shepherd Energy as Director of Administration and Risk Manager. She will remain responsible for the Risk Management within the company. Before Lina began at Shepherd Energy, she has worked many years in the energy industry with power trading, risk management and business development. Lina succeeds Jörgen Johansson, former CEO and responsible Fund Manager at Shepherd Energy.

– We will be a small but strong team, Shepherd Energy’s organization will be extremely efficient, says Lina Petrell Sima. Shepherd Energy is in excellent shape with all permits and procedures in good order which is essential for a securities company like us.

Focus for the new team is to provide good and stable returns to the investors in Shepherd Energy Fund and the portfolio management clients. We will also continue to deliver one of the most popular and requested analysis services in the energy market.

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