Stockholm (HedgeNordic) – According to the April report from , hedge funds have returned an average of +0.66% for the month of April 2017 (+3.04% YTD), continuing a winning streak since the outset of the year. The proportion of managers with positive returns returned to around the 70% during the month, while volatility was extremely low, with the month registering the smallest difference between average gain and average loss in over five years.

and Activist strategies are the primary winners of 2017 so far, the report finds, with equity strategies leading the pack in a month that was positive for all major strategies, with the drag from exposure on managers in 2016 largely lifted.

However, the large macro and universes have experienced difficulties, with over half performing poorly in 2017, despite these being where the majority of new assets have been allocated this year due to their outperformance through 2016.  Seven of the ten largest reporting funds through April were down in 2017.

In addition, commodity strategies posted their third consecutive loss in April, making that universe the most negative of any asset class or primary strategy for the year thus far, following underperformance of its largest products.

continued to roar ahead as they have done since the beginning of the year, producing returns double those of developed market strategies for the fourth month in a row. India vastly leads the pack of universally positive EM exposures, with returns nearly doubling any other regional focus. China-focused funds held their own, however, being up 10% in 2017 despite flows indicating cautious investor behaviour.

Read eVestment’s April report here.




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Glenn Leaper

Glenn W. Leaper, Associate Editor with Nordic Business Media, completed his Ph.D. in Politics and Critical theory from Royal Holloway, University of London in the summer of 2015, and is currently involved with a number of initiatives, including advising businesses and writing his first post-doctoral book. While pursuing his academic career, Glenn is also in the process of founding a Communications Consultancy. Following experience with a number of international organizations, businesses and ventures, he believes there is always a way to objectively improve the presentation, and representation, of a company or individual, and thereby increase the confidence of investors, stakeholders, employers – and voters. In an era dominated by technological innovation, he believes the human component of communication and its inherent potential should be safeguarded and revitalized. Glenn’s services span a range of activities, from writing, editing and branding to speechwriting, delivery, and tactical and strategic advice. His objective is to always provide a client with the extra push that can make the difference between success and failure. His hope, over time, is to translate such contributions to the political arena. Glenn currently resides in Vienna, Austria, having an international background spanning the UK, US, France, Spain, Belgium and Denmark. He holds an MA in English from the University of London and a BA in International Relations from Webster University.

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