Granit In Imminent ESG-Themed Hedge Fund Launch

Stockholm (NordSIP) – Granit Fonder, the Swedish fund management company, has recruited Ulf Erlandsson from the Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund (AP4) to set up a new hedge fund later this year, according to a press release on Granit’s website. The fund will focus on climate change and green bonds, with Dr Erlandsson starting his new position as Head of Fixed Income in August.

Dr Erlandsson was previously senior portfolio manager in AP4’s global macro asset management group. Previously, he worked as quantitative credit strategist at Barclay’s Capital in London. Dr Erlandsson holds a Ph.D. in economics from Lund University, and has since also written several books and articles within his field of expertise. “Credit Alpha and CO2 Reduction”, his latest article, has garnered international renown for its ground breaking linkage of alpha strategies with the objective of reducing the carbon footprint in corporate bond portfolios.

The as-yet unnamed new fund to be launched by Granit later this year will be a vehicle for Dr Erlandsson’s unique insights, and which he will manage in his capacity as Head of Fixed Income at Granit Fonder.

“Ulf has an outstanding track record in the Fixed Income markets and we are looking forward to utilizing his skill set here at Granit,” said Sean George, co-CIO at Granit Fonder. “His theoretical knowledge combined with his stellar real world performance especially within the ESG segment is groundbreaking. I have personally worked with Ulf for many years and am happy to finally welcome him to Granit Funds,” Mr George added.

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