Recognition for the Smaller and Younger

Stockholm (HedgeNordic) – The nominations for this year’s HFM EU Emerging Manager Awards have been released, with the recently-announced shortlist featuring 15 Nordic hedge funds. The award ceremony for the HFM EU Emerging Manager Awards, which honors the best-performing smaller and recently launched hedge funds in Europe, will take place at One Great George Street in London on November 16.

The nominations are based on a combination of annualized returns and Sharpe ratios over the 12-month period through mid-2021. The minimum fund asset size for inclusion at the HFM EU Emerging Manager Awards is $20 million and the maximum fund asset size is $500 million. Nordic hedge funds won four of the 18 award categories at last year’s edition of the HFM European Emerging Manager Awards. The funds that took home top honors were Alcur Select, Elementa, Formue Nord Markedsneutral, and KLP Alfa Global Energi.

A total of 15 Nordic hedge funds have been shortlisted for this year’s HFM EU Emerging Manager Awards. Four Nordic hedge funds were shortlisted among the eight nominees in the “European Equity: Over $100m” category and an additional three Nordic managers were among the nominees in the “European Equity: Under $100m” category.

The list of Nordic nominees at the 2021 HFM EU Emerging Manager Awards:

CTA: Under $100m:

Volt Diversified Alpha Fund

Equity Market Neutral & Quantitative Strategies:

KLP Alfa Global Energi

European Equity: Over $100m:

Alcur Select

PriorNilsson Idea

RAM Equity Long / Short

Taiga Fund

European Equity: Under $100m:

Carlsson Noren Yield Opportunity

Pareto Nordic Omega

Symmetry Invest


Accendo Capital

Fixed Income: Over $100m:

Borea Hoyrente

Global Equity: Over $100m:

Sissener Canopus

Global Equity: Under $100m:


Proxy Renewable Long/Short Energy


Atlant Opportunity


Photo by kian zhang on Unsplash