Atlant’s Precious Turns Green

Stockholm (HedgeNordic) – Atlant Precious has changed its name into Atlant Green Tech Metals and shifted its focus from precious metals to “green” metals to take advantage of the opportunities created by the green energy transition. Swedish asset manager Atlant Fonder has also changed the fee structure of its recently-renamed fund, with Atlant Green Tech Metals now charging a fixed annual management fee of 1.5 percent and no performance fee compared to the previous 1-and-15 structure for its A-share class.

“To take advantage of the great opportunities in the green transition and the EU’s goal of being climate neutral by 2050 – Net Zero 2050 – Atlant Fonder is now changing the management focus of one of its funds and renaming it Atlant Green Tech Metals,” Atlant Fonder writes in a press release. “The global green transition offers many good investment opportunities,” comments portfolio manager Mattias Gromark.

“The global green transition offers many good investment opportunities.”

As Gromark previously told HedgeNordic, “the case is the huge investments needed to transform the energy systems globally to reach the goals set in the Paris agreement.” According to the fund manager, “we will enter a commodity supercycle for the metals needed to achieve the goals,” with the list of metals including copper, nickel, silver, platinum, cobalt and a number of other rare earth metals. “The fund invests in the entire life cycle of green metals from exploration, extraction, processing, financing, refining and finally recycling,” writes Atlant Fonder.

The recently-renamed Atlant Green Tech Metals operates as an absolute return fund investing in companies that produce metals for the green energy transition and exchange-traded products that track the price development of these metals. “The fund will mainly invest in public companies involved in the exploration, mining, processing, recycling of green metals,” according to Gromark. “Only companies that meet sustainability standards set down in the EU Taxonomy will be eligible for the fund,” he emphasizes. Atlant Green Tech Metals will also “seek price exposure to green metals via other exchange-traded instruments.”

“The change will take place at the turn of June and July this year. The fee will be 1.5% and we will abolish the previously variable fee.”

“The change will take place at the turn of June and July this year,” says Gromark in a press release. “The fee will be 1.5% and we will abolish the previously variable fee. The time horizon for the fund should be at least five years.” Atlant Fonder also merged the fund’s two share classes. Ahead of its shift in focus from precious metals to “green” metals, Atlant Precious turned in a solid performance in May. The fund managed by Mattias Gromark advanced 10.7 percent in May to bring its 2021 performance into positive territory at 5.5 percent. The fund gave up most of its May gains in June, with the fund down 7.9 percent month-to-date through June 29.


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