Magazine: 2020 Nordic Hedge Award

Stockholm (HedgeNordic) – In a special report we summarized all the highlights of the 2020 Nordic Hedge Award. Although we were caught off guard in our first edition of the ceremony  in the pandemic era, we were more prepared for the virtual event to the 2020 Nordic Hedge Award.

The winners in the various categories were announced in the week of April 19 – April 23 in short video clips premiering daily. While we certainly enjoy the traditional event in a group of 150 people from every corner of the planet, the virtual event had its advantages too. One of them being that a much, much larger audience got to see, watch and hear the winners and the sponsors of the Nordic Hedge Award. 

Therefor switching to an all-digital format and hosting the event as a series of videos was an entirely different, and new ball game with some steep learning curves. It was also rather demanding on the nominated and winning managers, as we asked them to send short video clips presenting themselves to the jury members as well as videos where they´d be accepting their prizes. It was great to see every single manager playing along and contributing their clips to make the 2020 Nordic Hedge Award a success, despite the hurdles. 

Please find the magazine here: 2020 Nordic Hedge Award Special

You can also find all the category ceremonies on our youtube playlist: