Alcur is Reinforcing

Stockholm (HedgeNordic) – Swedish asset manager Alcur Fonder has recruited Petter Mattsson as its Chief Operating Officer (COO). Mattsson joins Alcur Fonder from Fondbolagens förening, the Swedish Investment Fund Association.

“Petter joins as the company’s COO and will work with operational and legal issues at ALCUR FONDER,” writes the Stockholm-based asset manager in an announcement. “We are very happy that Petter has chosen to work with us. Warm welcome Petter!” Mattsson joins Alcur Fonder from Fondbolagens förening, where he worked as a lawyer focused on a number of different issues related to UCITS, the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD), and Sustainable Finance.

Mattsson joined Fondbolagens förening in 2018 from Swedbank Robur, where he worked as a Legal Department Specialist for three years. Petter has a law degree from Uppsala University and has previously worked as an Anti Surface Warfare Officer and Navigation Officer in the Swedish Armed Forces.

Alcur Fonder currently manages two hedge funds with different risk-reward profiles – Alcur and Alcur Select – and an additional long-only equity fund called Alcur Grow. Alcur Select is a long-biased small-cap-focused equity hedge fund managed by a team with Wilhelm Gruvberg in charge. The fund has returned a cumulative 168 percent since launching in May of 2018, translating into an annualized return of 41.6 percent.

Alcur Fonder’s older fund, Alcur, is a lower-risk long/short absolute return fund that delivered an annualized return of 5.8 percent since its launch at the beginning of 2007 and has achieved an inception-to-date Sharpe ratio of 1.94. Long-only equity fund Alcur Grow, which maintains a portfolio of 25 to 30 Nordic small- and medium-sized public companies, was launched in January this year. The fund is managed by the entire investment team at Alcur Fonder, with Mikael Holm-Lorsell being the responsible manager.