Winning Funds at the 2020 Nordic Hedge Award

Best Nordic Hedge Fund Overall 2020

  1. Lucerne Nordic Fund
  2. Formue Nord Markedsneutral
  3. Accendo Capital

Supported by CME Group

Rookie of the Year Award

  1. Frost, Frost Asset Management

Supported by Harvest Advokatbyrå

Best Nordic Multi-Strategy HF 2020

  1. Formue Nord Markedsneutral
  2. Nordic Cross Stable Return
  3. Ress Life Investments

Supported by The Asset Management Exchange (AMX)

Best Nordic Equity Hedge Fund 2020

  1. Lucerne Nordic Fund
  2. Accendo Capital
  3. CARN Latitude

Supported by Northern Trust

Best Nordic FoHF 2020

  1. Brummer Multi-Strategy
  2. AIM Diversified Strategies
  3. Atlant Multi-Strategy

Supported by RBC Investor & Treasury Services

Best Nordic CTA 2020

  1. Volt Diversified Alpha
  2. RPM Evolving CTA Fund
  3. Lynx (Sweden)

Supported by Efficient Capital

Best Nordic Fixed-Income HF 2020

  1. SEB Eureka Fixed Income Relative Value
  2. Asgard Fixed Income Fund
  3. Asgard Fixed Income Risk Premia

Supported by SS&C EZE

Performance Awards

  1. 12 Months: St. Petri L/S
  2. 36 Months: Lucerne Nordic Fund
  3. 60 Months: Lucerne Nordic Fund

Supported by the Swedish House of Finance

2020 Nordic Hedge Award Supported by