Winning Funds at the 2019 Nordic Hedge Award

Best Nordic Hedge Fund Overall 2019

  1. Ress Life Investments
  2. Accendo Capital
  3. Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S

Supported by CME Group

Rookie of the Year Award

  1. HP Hedge Fixed Income, HP Fondsmæglerselskab

Supported by HedgeNordic

Best Nordic Multi-Strategy HF 2019

  1. Ress Life Investments
  2. Formuepleje Penta
  3. Formue Nord Markedsneutral

Supported by Harvest Advokatbyrå

Best Nordic Equity Hedge Fund 2019

  1. Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S
  2. Accendo Capital
  3. PriorNilsson Idea

Supported by the Asset Management Exchange (AMX)

Best Nordic FoHF 2019

  1. Atlant Multi-Strategy
  2. AIM Diversified Strategies
  3. Formuepleje Merkur

Supported by RBC Investor & Treasury Services

Best Nordic CTA 2019

  1. IPM Systematic Currency Fund
  2. Lynx (Sweden)
  3. Shepherd Energy Portfolio

Supported by Efficient Capital

Best Nordic Fixed-Income HF 2019

  1. Asgard Fixed Income Fund
  2. Asgard Credit Fund
  3. Borea Høyrente

Supported by the Swedish House of Finance

Performance Awards

  1. 12 Months: Alcur Select
  2. 36 Months: Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S
  3. 60 Months: Accendo Capital

Supported by Northern Trust

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