Hamiltonian Global Credit Opportunities Joins the NHX

Stockholm (HedgeNordic) – After having added seven hedge funds to the Nordic Hedge Index (NHX) since the beginning of May through the end of July, HedgeNordic welcomes Hamiltonian Global Credit Opportunities Fund (Hamiltonian GCO) as a new member of the index. Hamiltonian GCO is a credit-oriented hedge fund with an absolute return mandate launched by Göteborg-based asset manager Strukturinvest Fondkommission AB on May 7, 2018.

Hamiltonian Global Credit Opportunities Fund is an actively managed hedge fund focusing on global credit markets, predominantly investing in corporate bonds and credit derivatives. The fund employs an absolute return strategy, which means the fund aims to create a stable return over time that is independent of the return on the financial markets. Hamiltonian GCO uses derivatives to exploit desirable return opportunities via credit swaps, for instance, but also to protect assets against currency fluctuations through currency futures. The fund has no specific requirement of creditworthiness when investing.

Hamiltonian GCO was launched in early May of this year and generated a negative return of 1.8 percent in the first two months of operations. However, the fund recovered the lost ground with a solid performance in July, gaining 1.9 percent last month. Hamiltonian GCO, which currently oversees around €40 million in assets under management, is co-managed by Sean George (pictured) and Ulf Erlandsson.

Ulf Erlandsson

George previously worked as managing director and senior trader at Jefferies International. He has more than 20 years of experience in credit markets, after having headed trading desks for credit default swaps at Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, and most recently, at Jefferies. Erlandsson, meanwhile, was responsible for the credit and SSA (supras, sovereigns and agencies) portfolios at the Fourth Swedish State Pension Fund (AP4) between 2010 and 2017. Prior to AP4, he had also worked as a quantitative credit strategist at Barclays Capital and also authored several books.

Discussing the launch of Hamiltonian GCO, Sean George told HedgeNordic that “we are happy to be up and running in these volatile markets that we are navigating. Ulf and I have had the opportunity deploy our extensive tool kit right out of the gates, and we believe in the long run that volatility is your friend given the right structure and team.”

Welcome to the Nordic Hedge Index!


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