Round Table Discussion: Real Estate & Infrastructure

Stockholm (HedgeNordic) –  With the steady growth of the real asset class in the past few years, assets under management are up, and yields are down.

Asset managers and asset owners may sometimes find it hard to deploy capital, or to generate the return they need. Around a table in Stockholm on a cold January morning, HedgeNordic has assembled a group of seasoned real estate and infrastructure investors to discuss the critical points of real asset management and assess today’s situation.

The discussion was vivid and touched many areas in a lively session. On the menu were the illiquidity premium, the question of size, the advantages (or disadvantages) of direct and indirect investments and also what Environment Social and Governance (ESG) factors are driving real estate and infrastructure projects.

There were some really interesting side pockets, too, to be discovered. In all, a much entertaining and informative session giving Nordic Insights from an unusually international group of experts which you can, through this paper, participate in.

You can view the paper here: Real Assets.

We hope you enjoy reading these unique insights from leading experts.


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