Round Table: Family Offices & Hedge Funds

Stockholm (HedgeNordic) – While ultimately families are patient investors with investment horizons often spreading across generations, there are flaws with their typical, long-only heavy investments, being at the mercy that markets will go up always and in all periods.

Over a five-year bull market, long-only funds may likely outperform. But at least based on history, they have the potential to dramatically underperform over cycles that include bear markets.

There is a clear need for such investors to diversify their portfolios and be less correlated, overall, to equity and fixed income markets. Family offices often have the size, skill and manoeuvrability to identify and allocate to some of the outstanding talents of hedge fund managers out there. The relatively short decision making, sticky money and less fee and liquidity sensitivity make them an interesting target group for managers struggling for big insti -tickets.

One would like to think family offices demands and hedge fund offerings were a match made in heaven in perfect symbiosis. We gathered some family offices and hedge fund managers to discuss just this. And many, many interesting topics more!

You can download the file here: Family Offices & Hedge Funds


Picture: (c)¬†Bildagentur-Zoonar-GmbH—shutterstock