“Trump Tracker” Devised To Help Managers Hedge

Stockholm (HedgeNordic) – Research firm Sentieo has built a “Trump Tracker” for hedge fund managers and others wishing to stay on top of U.S. president Donald Trump’s wild and unpredictable twitter announcements. The president has shown a penchant for reacting instinctively and tweeting wild accusations and what could sometimes be interpreted as policy changes, much to the consternation of some money managers and markets. Accordingly, stocks can soar or sink depending on Mr Trump’s impulsive twittering.

Hence the need for the Trump Tracker, an online tool that helps managers hedge their bets. Sentieo has built the tracker out of an existing product that was designed to enable hedge fund managers to scan public filing and receive instant automated alerts for keywords. The Trump Tracker does the same, but is available to anyone free of charge.

“Stocks have moved big-time under Trump. It’s a combination of hope and hype,” Sentieo co-founder and CEO and former hedge fund manager Alap Shah told Wired Magazine. “Customers have been asking for a tool like this since election day. We’re just beginning to move from that to the execution phase, where he and the Republican Congress need to move on that agenda.”

“It’s difficult to reconcile most of what Trump says,” Shah continues, referring to the numerous contradictions in Trump’s statements that may (or may not) indicate policy u-turns from one day to the next.  The Trump Tracker automatically scans SEC filings for mentions of Trump, helping managers to understand how businesses are processing Trump’s statements. So far, the tool has revealed a considerable uptick in companies listing Trump among their risk factors – and especially in the health care industry.

Read Wired’s interview with Sentieo’s Alap Shah here

Visit the Trump Tracker here


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