Precious times for Pacific Fonder

Stockholm (HedgeNordic) – The Swedish fund management company Pacific Fonder, which is partly owned by hedge fund shop Atlant Fonder, has had a rock solid start for their hedge fund offering during the first two months of 2017.

According to data from Avanza, the so-called Pacific Precious, which is a hedge fund that buys and sells securities linked to the price of precious metals, is the big winner among hedge funds registered for sale in Sweden this year. As of February 21, the fund had gained 7.57% year-to-date.

In the monthly comment for January, portfolio manager Eric Strand writes:

Pacific Precious benefited from the correction in the US dollar during the month and from the fact that the precious metals market showed signs of stability as a result of banking institutes (commercials) buying what regular clients and trend following funds had to sell. Forceful actions from the US president has previously only been considered positive, but as words turn into action, conflicts are emerging. Worries for the Greek economy has also come into play again resulting in a good environment for Precious.”

The other hedge fund offered by Pacific Fonder, Pacific Absolute Return, has also performed strongly so far in 2017 with gains of 5,4% as of February 21, again according to Avanza.

The January comment states that the fund has benefited from the correction in the US dollar. The manager judges the environment for the fund to remain attractive in the light of highly valued equity and bond markets with a clear downside risk.

Pacific Absolute Return is a so-called multi-asset fund within the liquid alternatives sector. The fund´s focus is to actively allocate between Fixed Income, Real Assets and Equity and it uses active currency management to protect and enhance performance, the fund description states.

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