Fondmarknaden’s Funds of 2016

Stockholm (HedgeNordic) – has announced the winners of its “Best Funds of 2016” awards. Conditions for nomination to the awards are that all funds are actively managed and that smaller funds have demonstrated considerable progress in the course of the year.

Following a turbulent financial year with falling interest rates, great uncertainty in connection with global developments and the significant outcomes of elections in Britain and the United States, presented its funds of the year through twelve categories. From the 2016 winners, it is apparent that Swedish managers are performing well in the current international environment. Through eleven distinguished categories there is a presence of nine Swedish actors.

Worth noting is that many of the winning funds for 2016 come from smaller management firms that are all actively managed. No indexed fund is among the 2016 winners. A minority of index funds made it to the final rounds. The theme that smaller management firms are performing well is recognizable from the previous year, rendering it interesting to observe the trend clearly.

“Could it be that smaller funds find it easier to find allocators than their larger competitors?,” Thomas Holström and Filip Szymanski, capital managers at inquire.

The 2016 winners were as follows:

  • Hedge Fund of the Year: PriorNilsson Yield
  • Ethical Fund of the Year: SEB Hallbarhetsfond Global
  • Bond Fund of the Year: Spiltan Fonder Räntefond Sverige
  • Branch Fund of the Year: Skandia Time Global
  • Swedish Fund of the Year: PriorNilsson Realinvest A
  • Nordic Fund of the Year: Handelsbanken Finder AB Nordiska Smabolagsfond
  • European Fund of the Year: INVESCO Continental European Small Cap Equity Fund (a)
  • North American Fund of the Year: SEB Nordamerikafond Sma och Medelstora Bolag
  • Japan Fund of the Year: M&G Securities Japan Smaller Companies Fund
  • Emerging Markets Fund of the Year: Tundra Fonder AB Frontier Opportunities Fund
  • Global Fund of the Year: Evli Fondbolag Global
  • Fund of the Year (all categories): Handelsbanken Fonder AB Nordiska Smabolagsfond
  • Manager of the Year: PriorNilsson


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