Atlant Fonder on the comeback trail

Stockholm (HedgeNordic) – Having suffered significant losses in the early part of 2016, Atlant Fonder has been on the comeback trail in recent months. This was reaffirmed once again in December with solid gains across its fund offering and with massive jumps for Atlant Edge and Atlant Sharp Europe with gains of 9.2% and 8% respectively.

For the full year, Atlant Multi-Strategy Internal, a Fund-of-Fund investing into the range of products offered by Atlant Fonder stood at a positive 2,56% while Atlant Edge ended the year up 7.1% despite being down more than 9% in January alone.

According to a mid-month comment from lead portfolio manager Anders Kullberg in December, the strong gains seen in Edge during the month was attributable to an increase in the fund´s leverage in order to reflect Atlant´s positive market view.

Kullberg also states that “the cleaning is done” referring to himself taking charge of the management of fixed income positions in the funds as of February 22, when he reduced exposures to some of the high risk bonds that were hurting performance at the time.

Returns for the Atlant Funds in December summarized below:

Edge +9,2 %
Explora +0,7 %
Multi-Strategy External +0,7 %
Multi-Strategy Internal +0,4 %
Opportunity +0,1 %
Protect -1,2 %
Responsible -0,9 %
Sharp +3,1 %
Sharp Europe +8,0 %
Stability +0,4 %


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