New funds added to the Nordic Hedge Index

Stockholm (HedgeNordic) – Five new funds have been added to the Nordic Hedge Index during the month of August which brings the total fund universe to 158. Among the funds added, three are from new fund companies whereas two are new funds from already listed fund companies. Below a short introduction of the newly listed funds. No funds were removed from the index during the month

Alfakraft – Alfa XO Fund

The Alfa XO Fund is the latest addition to the quantitative family of funds offered by Stockholm-based Alfakraft. The Alfa XO Fund is also one of four funds offered in the multi-strategy product Alfa Quant Fund that invests across the Alfakraft fund range. Alfa XO is described as a model-driven quantitative fund investing in exchange traded derivatives within sectors such as equities, commodities and FX. The fund aims to achieve high sustained risk adjusted returns with a risk level, expressed as annualised standard deviation, of 10-15%.

Shepherd Energy – Shepherd Power Series

The specialist Swedish fund manager Shepherd Energy has added a fund to its existing Shepherd Energy Portfolio which focuses on Nordic Power Markets. The new fund, Shepherd Power Series also focuses on the power market in the Nordics but is built around portfolio manager Jukka Virtala’s understanding of the behaviour of these markets. The fund is described as trend following, discretionary managed using a technical analysis to identify entry and exit points.

United Bankers – UB Real REIT

United Bankers is a Finnish specialist fund manager specialising in real assets such as real estate, infrastructure and forest investments. The Real REIT Fund is a hedge fund investing in listed property shares and so-called Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). The focus is on high dividend yield and mean reversion trades based on an alternative beta investment process. The allocations are not based on market cap weightings and the fund does not invest according to any benchmark.

Pacific Fonder – Pacific Absolute Return and Pacific Precious

Pacific Fonder, partly owned by Swedish hedge fund house Atlant Fonder, has launched two new hedge funds; Pacific Absolute Return and Pacific Precious. The Absolute Return fund is described as a multi-asset fund with a focus on real assets using a flexible fixed income mandate allowing for short positions. The Precious Fund focuses its investments on the precious metals sector with the aim of performing independent of the underlying direction of the sector. Both funds are managed by Eric Strand.


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