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Alfakraft renames Alfa Commodity Fund

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Stockholm (HedgeNordic) – The Swedish quantitative hedge fund house Alfakraft has decided to change the name of its trend following fund Alfa Commodity Fund. The new name will be Alfa Axiom Fund and the name change will be carried through with immediate effect according to Alfakraft´s CEO Olof Dahlbeck.

“Fund platforms are informed about the name change but most of them has yet to to update the information on their respective sites, we expect that to be done within very short”, Dahlbeck tells HedgeNordic.

The reason for the name change is that the old name was too attached to the commodity sector, according to Alfakraft. Since the fund is also trading fixed income, equities and currencies, the word commodity was particularly confusing for European investors, a press release states.

As of September 1, Alfa Axiom Fund will also apply a new management fee for retail clients. The new management fee is 1.5 per cent as compared to the 1 per cent fee the fund charged previously, according to the press release.

Picture: (c) totojang1977 – shutterstock.com


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Jonathan Furelid
Jonathan Furelid
Jonathan Furelid is editor and hedge fund analyst at HedgeNordic. Having a background allocating institutional portfolios of systematic strategies at CTA-specialist RPM Risk & Portfolio Management, Mr. Furelid’s focus areas include sytematic macro and CTAs. Jonathan can be reached at: jonathan@hedgenordic.com

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