Volvo launch fund of hedge funds

Stockholm () – Car Group Investment Management, VCG IM, a subsidiary to the car manufacturer, has applied to start managing investment funds for outside investors.

The company aims to a for the pension trusts underlying Volvo Cars as from October 1. In a longer term perspective, the goal is to allow for management of pension capital from outside pension trusts, according to the news letter Fond & Bank.

“We focus primarily on managing hedge funds in our current mandate. Now we are looking to start a fund of hedge funds allowing for a discretionary management of underlying funds. The primary target group is the Volvo pension trusts were we want to be able to have the exact same allocations for , the UK and Belgium”, Stefan Axelsson, CEO of VCG IM says in a statement to Fond & Bank.

According to Axelsson, the current hedge fund-focused investment mandate has generated returns of 6 per cent annually during the last three years, outperforming its benchmark.

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