Intervalor in Partnership with RBC Global Asset Management

Stockholm (HedgeNordic) – The Swedish asset management service provider Intervalor AB, announced  a strategic partnership and exclusive marketing agreement with RBC Global Asset Management (RBC GAM). Intervalor’s objective is to distribute RBC GAM’s Emerging Market Equity, Global Equity, U.S. Equity and Global Resources Investment Solutions to Nordic and Baltic countries.

Intervalor, established in 1992, will focus primarily on marketing RBC GAM’s Global Equity and Emerging Market Equity investment strategies. RBC GAM will, conversely, complement Intervalor’s offerings regarding specific U.S. strategies, Global Resources and Canadian Equity.

According to Intervalor’s press release, RBC GAM will considerably complement Intervalor’s services, particularly with regard to institutions wishing to work with investment teams that have long and successful track records, and that are supported by progressive, deeply resourced and well-capitalized parent companies.

RBC GAM’s respective Emerging Market and Global Equity teams share the common investment philosophy of taking the long-term ownership approach to the companies they invest in, while employing an integrated approach to environmental, social and governance factors as a source of alpha when analyzing companies for investment. For this reason, the partnership between Intervalor’s marketing prowess in the Nordic region and RBC GAM’s acknowledged services is expected to prove mutually beneficial.

Intervalor CEO Anders Bladh predicts his company’s track record of marketing and supporting leading international asset managers to professional investors across Scandinavia and the Baltics will be considerably enhanced with the addition of RBC GAM, which “offers strategies particularly suitable for the institutional market as well as for large white label opportunities.”

RBC GAM’s European Operations CEO, Clive Brown, is equally optimistic about the partnership, considering RBC GAM’s London offices’ own successes in growing the capabilities of its investment team, and the continued support of its parent company in expanding to the Nordic region. “The combination of RBC GAM’s investment expertise and Intervalor’s marketing abilities,” he says, “will enable us to serve Nordic clients more efficiently than ever before.”






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