Eligo assumes management of Aktiva Fonder Monitor

Stockholm (HedgeNordic) – Aktiva Fonder Asset Management AB, the Asset Management Fund that operates its portfolio strategy within the Swedish “Premiepensionsmyndighetens” (Premium pension authority) platform, has announced that Eligo Asset Management AB, the privately owned risk-adjustment asset managers, will take over management of its Aktiva Fonder Monitor fund.

In a press release, Aktiva board member Christer Hultblad (pictured) praised the fund’s performance in bolstering retirement savings within the Pensionsmyndigheten (PPM), and announced that Aktiva’s management would henceforth be involved in the development of a business project in the Fintech industry. It thereby hands over management of the Fund to Markus Linnes and his colleagues at Eligo.

Hultblad underlined that he would remain on the Fund’s board, and would therefore still be part of its management.

“Eligo’s managers have extensive experience in fund and portfolio management.” Eligo also offers services in portfolio construction and optimization, risk analysis and fund evaluations consulting.

The Aktiva Fonder Monitor will not change significantly due to the change of management, and will retain the approach that has made it a reliable fund to invest retirement money in. It will also retain the active alignment strategy in which management shifts asset allocation depending on market conditions.

Eligo’s objective will be to continue generating the best possible risk-adjusted returns, primarily through the allocation of equities and using fixed-income instruments. This will be facilitated by the continued use of the management models Eligo has employed over the last seven years, which it has developed and successfully employed across its other mandates.



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