eTurn rename funds to reflect Solidar merger

Stockholm (HedgeNordic) – eTurn Fonder AB have completed the merger with Solidar Fonder AB and will transition the existing eTurn funds into the Solidar Group, according to a news release from eTurn.

As a result of the transition, the eTurn funds will be renamed to reflect the Solidar connection. As of March 1, 2016 the fund eTurn will be named “Solidar SmartBeta Trend”, Fondväljaren Trend will be labeled “Solidar Fondväljaren Trend” and Transparenta Fonden will go under the name “Solidar Stiftelsefond”.

The funds will also have a change in terms of legal framework, instead of being filed as special funds according to the law of alternative investment funds, they will instead be treated as “värdepappersfonder”.

The Solidar aqcuisition of eTurn was announced in October 2015.


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