Coeli launches quant macro fund with artificial intelligence

Stockholm (HedgeNordic) – Coeli Asset Management has launched a new quantitative macro fund called “Prognosis Machines”. The fund uses a unique strategy that is built upon established financial models together with artificial intelligence in order to identify what themes investors prefers when market sentiment is shifting. The fund will be managed by Alex Gioulekas (pictured) who recently joined Coeli Asset Management.

Gioulekas was one of the founding members of Swedish multi-billion hedge fund IPM. After selling his stake in IPM, he spent the last two years building the Prognosis Machines program, the press release states.

In a comment Lukas Lindkvist, Coeli´s CEO, says: “We are proud to be able to offer this new technology to the market. Prognosis Machines launched on November 2, 2015 and has had a very good start in a challenging market environment. We expect the fund offer competitive and uncorrelated returns also going forward and thereby improve the Coeli product offering.”

Alex Gioulekas comments the launch: “Investors need a new strategy that can handle the increasingly changing risk appetite in the market. Fundamental models do not work when risk appetite is low and trend following models have difficulties in environments that are characterized by large swings”,  and continues:

“The solution of Prognosis Machines is to use artificial intelligence to identify what themes or asset classes investors prefer when unforeseen events happen, such as policy mistakes or crisis events, and build the portfolio accordingly.”



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