Catella Hedgefond awarded “best hedge fund” by Fondmarknaden

Stockholm (HedgeNordic) – For the second year running, Catella has been awarded best hedge fund for their “Catella Hedgefond” by Fondmarknaden.

In a comment to the nomination, Fondmarknaden reasons the award going to Catella as best hedge fund: „Catella Hedgefond lives up to our requirements when it comes to hedge funds which includes offering daily dealing and to be accessible for investors when it comes to minimum investments. A hedge fund should also, according to us, have a broad investment mandate and have a majority of the monthly returns showing positive numbers. Catella Hedgefond meets those requirements. It has delivered solid risk adjusted returns and shows resilience in equity market downturns. Therefore we give the award “best hedge fund” to Catella.

“Catella Hedgefond is one of our most important products, and we are proud of this award. Catella Hedgefond is an excellent alternative when markets are somewhat turbulent, as we are experiencing right now. At these times it is most important for investors to limit their risk, but still achieve a good return,” says Erik Kjellgren, head of the Swedish fund operations.

“We are obviously very pleased, not least because this is the second consecutive year that we have received this award. Catella Hedgefond is a fund with a focus on low risk. Despite the turmoil that prevailed in 2015, we managed to achieve a return of approximately 5 percent without the risk level of the fund significantly increasing,” says Ulf Strömsten (pictured) fund manager for Catella Hedgefond.


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