Stockholm (HedgeNordic) – IPM and Aktie-Ansvar have mutually agreed to end their cooperation regarding the management of the Graal Kvanthedge Fund, where IPM has acted as the investment manager since the fund launched in October 2010.

According to a press release from IPM, their focus will instead be to distribute its IPM Systematic Macro UCITS Fund on the Swedish market.

The UCITS version of IPM’s Systematic Macro Program was made available through the Morgan Stanley Fundlogic platform in August 2015 and will initially be offered to Swedish clients through the MFEX platform with the ambition to make it available in other distribution channels.

Aktie-Ansvar writes in a monthly update to investors that Björn Löfdahl will be managing the Graal Kvanthedge Fund going forward. Löfdahl was hired in 2016 together with programmer Tobias Grelsson and senior advisor Boualem Djehiche as senior advisor. The goal is to manage the fund in line with the previous management but to take a more directreponsibility for the management and performance of the fund.

Björn Löfdahl will be the responsible investment manager for GraalKvanthedge as from May 25.

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