Nordic Insights: Managed Futures (Roundtable Discussion)

Stockholm ( – invited representatives of the Nordic CTA industry to Stockholm for a round table discussion, co-hosted by RPM to share some “Nordic Insights” to the Managed Futures industry.

We were thrilled to gather a distinguished, highly diverse group ranging from small start-up managers, multi-billion Dollar fund of funds, a long biased commodity manager, systematic global macro managers, a BTOP 50 fund, a retail platform and one of the largest institutional hedge fund allocators in Europe from AP1, Ålandsbanken Commodity Fund, ALFAKRAFT, Coeli Spektrum, Estlander & Partners, IPM Informed Portfolio Management, Movestic, SEB Asset Selection as well as  RPM Risk & Portfolio Management  and Nordic Business Media.

  • Thomas Stridsman (ALFAKRAFT) and Björn Elfvin (Coeli Spektrum)
  • Martin Källström (AP1)
  • Pirkko Juntunen ( with Björn Elfvin (Coeli Spektrum) and André Havas (Movestic)
  • Anders Blomqvist (Alandsbanken Commodity Fund)
  • Thomas Stridsman with Björn Österberg (IPM) and Jonathan Furelid (RPM)
  • Christopher Dahlberg (Estlander & Partners) with Martin Källström (AP1)
  • Hans-Olov Bornemann (SEB Asset Selection)
  • Christopher Dahlberg, Pirkko Juntunen, Anders Blomqvist
  • Thomas Stridsman and André Havas
  • Hans-Olov Bornemann, Martin Källström, Jonathan Furelid
  • Anders Blomqvist, Hans-Olov Bornemann, Martin Källström,


In our meeting we tried to define Managed Futures and distinguish them from other (hedge fund) strategies, compared systematic to discretionary approaches, looked at performances and the relation of a funds size to its performance. We talked about coding, the “black box” (mis-) conception, the role of technology, CTA investor skill and needs, how different investor groups approach Managed Futures and other topics.

The format chosen to compose the summary of the meeting intends to let the reader participate as close as possible and “listen in” to the discussion among industry professionals in their own words. Enjoy getting some “Nordic Insights” to Managed Futures. The paper is available for download free of charge following this link:

Nordic Insights: Managed Futures (high resolution, 12 MB)

Nordic Insights: Managed Futures (low resolution, 6 MB)

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