Winning Funds at the 2016 Nordic Hedge Award

Best Nordic Hedge Fund 2016 (overall)

  1. Accendo Capital
  2. Taiga Fund
  3. Formuepleje Penta

Supported by Novus

Rookie of the Year Award

  1. Scandinavian Credit Fund I

Supported by HedgeNordic

Best Nordic Multi Strategy HF 2016

  1. Formuepleje Penta
  2. Elementa
  3. Nordea Alpha 15

Supported by Northern Trust

Best Nordic Equity Hedge Fund 2016

  1. Taiga Fund
  2. Gladiator
  3. Accendo Capital

Supported by FactSet

Best Nordic FoHF 2016

  1. Merrant Alpha Select
  2. AIM Capital Insurance Strategies
  3. AIM Capital Credit Strategies

Supported by Denovo Advokatbyrå

Best Nordic CTA 2016

  1. IPM Systematic Macro
  2. SEB Asset Selection Opp.
  3. IPM Systematic Currency Fund

Supported by Efficient Capital

Best Nordic Fixed Income HF 2016

  1. Asgard Fixed Income Fund
  2. Nykredit MIRA
  3. Danske Hedge Fixed Income Strategies

Supported by Stockholm School of Economics/SHoF

Performance Awards

  1. 1 Year: Accendo Capital SICAV, SIF
  2. 3 Years: Accendo Capital SICAV, SIF
  3. 5 Years: Mjeltevik Invest AS