Invitation & Registration

Please join us in celebrating the Nordic hedge fund industry when awards and prizes will be presented to the Best Nordic Hedge Funds across eight categories. Winners will be determined by combining a quantitative model co-developed by HedgeNordic and the Stockholm School of Economics and a qualitative-based scoring provided by a jury board of Nordic allocators.

Please register below if you would like to join us on the evening. Particiaption is free of charge and restricted to members of the Nordic hedge fund community.

Hedge Your Health!

From today’s view, we are committed to host the event as scheduled and in the format as planned. However, in light of the coronavirus COVID-19 HedgeNordic has taken some precautionary measures to insure a joyful, pleasant and safe event and requests to carefully read and follow the below information:

  • We expect around 120 guests to the event, predominantly from Sweden and the other Nordic countries, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Other guests can be expected from LUX, CH, UK, USA and AT. These are regions, so far, largely not affected with infections by the virus
  • We will provide hand sanitisers and tissues thoughout the location and invite attendees to use them frequently
  • We advise our guests to practie safe hygiene, including regularly washing hands, using sanitisers and not shaking hands
  • Food at the event will typically be served as single portioned finger food
  • We have asked our venue provider to regularly sanitize items such as door handles, light switches etc. during the event
  • We request indiviudals who have travelled to and retured from regions affected by the virus in the 14 days prior the event NOT to attend the Nordic Hedge Award. A list of these regions is regularly updated by the WHO.
  • We request attendees showing signs of illness or infection 14 days prior to the event not to attend the Nordic Hedge Award
  • Equally, we request indiviudals at risk of having been infected through third persons not to attend the Nordic Hedge Award

We are carefully monitoring advice from local and international health and safety bodies to give this matter the attention it deserves and kindly ask your cooperation to insure a joyful, pleasant and safe event for all attending. 

Final Event:

The Final Event to the 2019 Nordic Hedge Award will take place on April 22 in Stockholm.

Date: April 22  2020
Location: "Clustret" - Skeppsbron 44, 111 30 Stockholm
Time: 17:30 - 23:00


17:30:  Arrival and Welcome Drinks
18:00: Formal Opening and Welcome
18:10 - 18-45:  Panel Discussion
18:45 - 20:00: Award Ceremony and Prize Handover
20:00 - 23:00 Causal Mingle


For more info, please visit:

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