Best Nordic Hedge Fund Overall

 WinnerSecond PlaceThird Place
2020Lucerne Nordic FundFormue Nord MarkedsneutralAccendo Capital
2019Ress Life InvestmentsAccendo CapitalRhenman Healthcare Equity L/S
2018Gladiator FondShepherd Energy PortfolioScandinavian Credit Fund I
2017Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/SAccendo CapitalBorea Global Equities
2016Accendo CapitalTaiga FundFormuepleje Penta
2015Asgard Fixed Income FundTaiga FundAAM Absolute Return Fund
2014LynxTaiga FundRhenman Healthcare Equity L/S
2013Warren Short Term TradingManticoreRhenman Healthcare Equity L/S
2012Asgard Fixed Income FundWarren Short Term TradingMidgard Fixed Income Fund

Performance Award

12 Months

2020St. Petri L/S98.3%
2019Alcur Select51.4%
2018Gladiator Fond19.7%
2017Rhenman HCE L/S34.5%
2016Accendo Capital30.1%
2015AAM Absolute Return58.5%
2014Rhenman HCE L/S42.8%

Performance Award

36 Months

2020Lucerne Nordic Fund153.1%
2019Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S78.8%
2018Gladiator Fond48.6%
2017Accendo Capital140.6%
2016Accendo Capital105.1%
2015Rhenman HCE L/S166.4%

Performance Award

60 Months

2020Lucerne Nordic Fund235.8%
2019Accendo Capital162.0%
2018Rhenman HCE L/S92.6%
2017Rhenman HCE L/S215.3%
2016Mjeltevik Invest205.8%
2015Rhenman HCE L/S244.9%

Best New Nordic Hedge Fund – “Rookie of the Year”

YearFundPortfolio ManagerManagerInception
2020FrostMartin Larsén and Anders AugusénFrost Asset ManagementJanuary 2020
2019HP Hedge Fixed IncomeHenrik FournaisHP FondsmæglerselskabOctober 2018
2018SEB Eureka Fixed Income Relative ValueBo Michael AndersenSEBJanuary 2018
2017Asgard Credit FundBirger DuurhusMomas AdvisorsOctober 2016
2016Scandinavian Credit Fund IFredrik SjšstrandSkandinaviska Kreditfonden ABJanuary 2016
2015ElementaMarcus WahlbergPSG CapitalMarch 2015