Webpanel: CTA Multi-Managers

Stockholm (HedgeNordic) – HedgeNordic is delighted to host this panel of four CTA multi-managers. By the nature of the game, these experts are among the most sophisticated and knowledgeable CTA investors in the world with unique insights, understanding and know-how of the space.

In this session we will be looking into how the managed futures space weathered the storm in the remarkable trading days in March during the Covid crisis, explain the dispersion among managers and contributing factors. We also hear what take-aways and learnings this period offers managers and investors alike and offer an outlook for Managed Futures.

We are joined by Alexander Mende, senior investment analyst at RPM in Stockholm, LGT Capital Partners´ Head of Managed Futures in Zurich Roger Hilty, from Dublin we welcome Mick Swift, CEO at Abbey Capital and from Chicago, Illinois Chad Martinson, Co-CIO at Efficient Capital.

It is the first time these four managers appear on a panel together, in any shape or form  – so buckle up for some unique insights into managed futures.

You will find the full version of the session below:

And here, some carve outs: